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Information - Inspiration - Initiation

Greetings, my name is Reginald Claytor and I am the Founder of Climbers. I have been inspired to help serve communities and individuals receive practical information that will help them through current and unexpected events. Information is key. 

Through information, I have found myself weighing the impacts of my choices. Most of these choices have been for the better, but there were times when the choice was not for the best. Choices have the ability to slow down the progression to success. It was not until I wanted to progress, that I realized, there will always be mountains ahead.

The ability to climb these mountains would not be easy, but I knew, if I kept going, I would make it to the top and succeed. Every day, I continue to challenge myself to become better and I have made a commitment to inform, inspire, and initiate for the better.

Join me, with the guidance and teachings of Biblical principles, and let's strive to make the world a better place.

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